2020.09.11., 09:35-10:05

Gerencsér, László SZTAKI Hawkes processes: some key ideas, links to neuroscience and system identification Abstract: Following a brief introduction to some basic problems in epileptology, we present a survey of some key ideas in the theory of Hawkes processes. The class of Hawkes processes is considered as a potentially appropriate …

2020.09.09., 11:30-12:00

Lotfi, Abdelhakim SZE Thermal Modeling Strategy for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Abstract: The main objective of our task is to develop mathematical models, numerical techniques to analyse the thermal effects in electric machines, to implement the developed algorithm in multiprocessor or multi-core environments and apply them to industrial use cases. …

2020.09.09., 12:40-13:10

Pere, Balázs SZE Numerical solution of a 1D contact-impact problem with different time stepping methods Abstract: Engineering structures often contain parts which are in contact. Even today, solving contact problems is one of the most challenging tasks in numerical analysis of structures. On the one hand, the difficulty of such …

2020.09.11., 10:10-10:40

Gerencsér, Balázs RI / Lovas, Attila BME Non-linear state-estimation based traffic modelling relying on sparse measurement data Abstract: We present our approach to the theoretical and computational challenge of traffic data extrapolation, to fit a model via its dynamical system approximations to the real world measurement data available and get …

2020.09.11., 08:00-09:00

Márkus, László ELTE / Baran, Sándor DE / Nedényi, Fanni SZTE / Arató, Miklós ELTE HU-MATHS-IN GE Project In this talk we present a closing draft of the HU-MATHS-IN GE Project. Participation upon signed NDA with GE. Online location: If you wantt to participate please contact the HU-MATHS-IN office.

2020.09.11., 09:00-09:30

Bolla, Marianna BME Spectra of Spectra Abstract: Asymptotic relation is proved between the eigenvalues of the block Toeplitz matrix of autocovariances and the union of spectra of the spectral density matrices at the Fourier frequencies. This result has a lot of important consequences as for the relations between time and …

2020.09.09., 12:05-12:35

Bácsi, Ádám SZE

Highly accurate numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations in pipes


The acoustic characterization is one of the key challenges in engineering exhaust systems of vehicles. In the seminar, I will present a numerical study of the exhaust gas flow both in the pipe of a simplified exhaust system and in the exhaust jet. The acoustic noise stems primarily from the highly turbulent fluid flow. To resolve eddies in the turbulent flow up to the levels required for acoustic characterization, Large Eddy Simulation is applied. The simulation results are also compared to experimental measurements.

Online location: https://meet.google.com/ckd-siwc-nvx?authuser=0

Terlaky, Tamás: A Novel Approach to Discrete Truss Design Problems – 2019. október 11.

A HU-MATHS-IN Stoyan Gisbert Szeminárium keretében a Lehigh University professzora, Terlaky Tamás tartott előadást. Az előadás részletei a következők: Előadás helyszíne: YouTube Live Előadás időpontja: 2019. október 11. 15:30 óra Előadás címe:A Novel Approach to Discrete Truss Design Problems Előadó:     Tamás TerlakyDepartment of Industrial and Systems EngineeringLehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18034, USA Kivonat:Discrete truss sizing …