Bartha, Ferenc: COVID-19 modelling and control in a …

Előadás címe: COVID-19 modelling and control in a bank environment

Helyszín: Online,

Időpont: 2020.06.30. 16:50-17:10

Kivonat: The management of COVID-19 is a long term challenge, not only for the public health systems of countries, but also for other stakeholders, such as companies, especially for those who provide services to a large number of clients. We investigate how long COVID-19 can spread amongst bank employees until the detection of the first symptomatic case. In addition, we study non-symptom based testing (q, T) strategies where a given fraction q of employees is tested per a period of T days and the connection with the prevalence of the disease in the general population (i.e. clients). Finally, we consider the effects of transmission reduction (employee-employee, employee-client, hygene measures) in this setting. We base our investigation on stochastic models and utilize both analytical and numerical tools to provide recommendations to our industrial partner OTP.