Pere, Balázs: Computational strategies for solving…

Előadás címe: Computational strategies for solving dynamic contact problems

Helyszín: Online

Időpont: 2020.06.30., 11:50 – 12:10

Kivonat: Engineering structures often contain parts which are in contact. Even today, solving contact problems is one of the most challenging tasks in numerical analysis of structures. On the one hand, the difficulty of such problems results from its non-linear nature. On the other hand, inaccuracy raising from the discretization of a continuum as a set of distinct points can also cause problems. The problem discussed here is that when bodies are getting into touch the solution begins strongly to oscillate. This oscillation has no physical background, but it comes from the disctretization itself. One possible way to treat this problem is the usage of penalty method for solving the contact problem and applying a properly chosen dashpots connected in parallel with contact stiffnesses. Another approach is the creation of a special damping matrix which suppresses undesirable oscillations. Finally, the model reduction technique will be presented as a possible method to eliminate the modal frequencies of unwanted oscillations.