Bodó, Zalán: Integrating recommendation systems …

Előadás címe: Integrating recommendation systems into B2B sales processes

Helyszín: Online

Időpont: 2020.06.30., 17:50 – 18:10

Kivonat: Evidence, such as the success story of Amazon, shows that an efficient recommendation system can improve sales performance. Recommendation systems play a significant role in online stores, music and video streaming platforms and so on. Their role is to suggest further items to buyers that are relevant for them. These systems, and their corresponding algorithms, are tailored for business to customer (B2C) scenarios, where buyers are individual end-users. The goal of the current project is to examine algorithms for recommendation systems from the perspective of busines to business (B2B) sales relations. We aim at providing a suitable data representation for including B2B sales history and domain specific knowledge from a retail company. Using this data representations we look for a good combination of content based and collaborative filtering techniques (along with their hyperparamethers) to facilitate efficient recommendations in the context of retail companies.